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You Ship or You Sink.

A Game of Ships
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Shipping the characters of ASOIAF and HBO's Game of Thrones.
Game of Ships

Where you ship or you sink.

gameofships is a community dedicated to shipping the characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire series by GRRM and HBO's Game of Thrones. We celebrate shipping through biweekly contests, prompts for fanfiction and fanart production, and porn battles. Our goal is to celebrate all ships (both canon and non-canon, het and slash) and encourage the creation of new fanworks dedicated to those ships.

FYI: Just because your ship isn't on the comm banner, doesn't mean you're not welcome. We tried to stick to canon pairings to avoid any bias, and even then they didn't all fit. But everyone is welcome to sail with us.

Community Rules:

1. Ship-bashing and kink-shaming is not allowed. The mods have a no-tolerance policy for attacking members for their shipping preferences. If you don’t like a ship, move on to the next fic or post or comment and keep your thoughts to yourself. This is comm for mutual support, not a place where we will have to defend ourselves.

2. Civility is a must at all times. As much as we don’t allow ship-bashing and kink-shaming, the mods also won’t allow any kind of personal attacks. Discussion is encouraged, disagreements might arise, but they must remain civil at all times.

3. Discrimination is not tolerated.

4. Both book-verse and HBO’s Game of Thrones-verse contributions are welcome. However, television viewers should expect spoilers from book-verse inspired contributions and discussions.

5. No real person shipping is allowed about the actors in HBO’s Game of Thrones. We are fans of the show and its pretty actors, but due to the age of many of the actors, we have a policy against shipping any of them.

6. If you are posting content that contains common triggers, you must label them. Triggers you must label include, underage, non-con/rape, dub-con, sexual abuse, physical abuse, death, graphic violence.

7. All content produced for this comm’s contests should be new. As long as it hasn’t yet been posted elsewhere, it is eligible.

8. Please do not post another person’s work without their permission. Posting a link to another person’s work is perfectly acceptable, however.

9. If you have a concern or question, please bring it to the attention of the mods, just_a_dram and mrstater, through a PM.

10. Have fun fellow shippers!